We Are Funny

Award-Worthy We Are Funny is a sometimes weekly, but always funny podcast. It's hosted by Christiaan and Georgia. You can expect conversation, segments, games, and most importantly smooth transitions.

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    117 Yes, We Can

    We're back! Christiaan's moved to Canning Town, so we play a game called 'Can I can it? Yes you can!' Agony Christiaunt also returns, with more advice for all. Well, for April.

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    116 BuzzFitzgerald

    Could this be our best episode yet? It's February 15th, which everyone (Except Georgia) knows is the day after Valentines day. We have a couple of brand new segments, including one where Christiaan dishes out some relationship advice. There's also a segment where we've turned classic novels into internet articles. It's called BuzzFitzgerald.

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    115 Elon's Musk

    We've got a brand new segment this week, called Elon's Musk. Listen in to find out what it is. There were also sacks full of questions for Doyle and Trouble, so we made time to answer a couple of them. If you've got a burning question you need answered by Georgia hit us up on wearefunny.lol.

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    114 Hallowed Ween

    After a couple of months hiatus we're back! Surprisingly we didn't really prepare any content over all the time we were away. Christiaan has a segment called 'good guys bad guys' and we talk about other things to do with Guy Fawkes night to prove we're doing the podcast live.

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    113 Back with clickbaited breath

    Summer is over. We're back inside. Halloween is near. In this episode we recycle old segments filled with fresh content. We play a game of 'With Clickbaited Breath', and Georgia answers a real listener question in 'Double Double, Doyle and Trouble'. Ride the internet rapids with us. If you want to hear this episode with music, listen on Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/wearefunnier/episode-113/

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    112 Shredtember

    In this episode we talk September resolutions, and try to figure out a joke about lipstick that was really popular. Any ideas? If you want to hear this episode with music, listen on Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/wearefunnier/episode-112/

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    111 Soggy Bottom

    We’ve recorded from a new location this week, Georgia’s flat. It’s incredibly hot. Pete joins the podcast as a surprise guest and gets an incredible score in our backwards film guessing game. Georgia has made a game called Soggy Bottom, or something. It’s about Great British Bake Off. Hey, pass the vibes. Those x-rated vibes. If you want to hear this episode with music, listen on Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/wearefunnier/episode-111/

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    110 Get a bronze on

    Hit that stop button! We've got a special Olympics themed episode this week. Again, neither of us watch the Olympics. But we're big fans. We also talk about Georgia’s new house and life in Bethnal Green. If you want to hear this episode with music, listen on Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/wearefunnier/episode-110/

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    108 Pokemon or toke-it-man?

    Georgia isn't a Pokefan, but we play a game where she has to guess whether Christiaan is talking drug slang or Pokemon names. We also play a game called ‘What if Dog was one of us?’ which is kind of like the pokemon game but with gods and dogs. #towerhamlets4lyfe. If you want to hear this episode with music, listen on Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/wearefunnier/episode-108

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    107 We Baa Funny

    In this episode Christiaan has made a new cocktail. It’s a weekly thing now where each episode pairs with a drink. If you’ve got a question you want answered by Georgia in Doyle and Trouble, send it in. If you want to hear this episode with music, listen on Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/wearefunnier/episode-107/

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